Thursday, December 1, 2011

Travel and Leisure's Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World

Places I have been:
Times Square, New York
Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario
Grand Central Terminal, New York
Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Epcot, Orlando
Notre Dame Cathedrale, Paris
Disneyland Paris
Sacre Coeur, Paris
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Navy Pier, Chicago
Musee de Louvre, Paris
National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian, Washington DC
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
Bourbon Street, New Orleans
Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France
French Market, New Orleans
Tate Modern, London
and probably Union Station, Washington DC, but I'm not positive

Places I want to visit:
Central Park, New York
Las Vegas Strip
Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston
Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
South Street Seaport, New York
British Museum, London
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Colosseum, Rome

Places I wouldn't mind visiting, but that are not on any must see list:
Pier 39, San Francisco
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Disney's Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios
Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando

Places I do NOT want to visit:
Disneyland Park, Anaheim CA
Tokyo Disneyland
Forbidden City, Beijing
Great Wall of China
Tsim Tsa Tsui waterfront, Hong Kong
Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
the Zócalo, Mexico City
Universal Studios Japan
Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Everland, South Korea
Lotte World, Seoul
Chinese Theater / Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hong Kong Disneyland
Ocean Park, Hong Kong
Sea World Orlando
Universal Studios Hollywood

Top 50 Destinations of 2010 - Where I've been and Where I'd like to go (as well as where I don't want to go)

Viator's top 50 tourist destinations of 2010:

#50. Boston, Massachusetts

I've never been, but I'd love to visit Boston and all of New England.

#49. Maui, Hawaii

I have very little desire to visit Hawaii.

#48. Brussels, Belgium

I have been to Belguim and I LOVE it. It is one of my favorite countries, and I especially love Brussels. The Grand Place is amazing, as are the shopping arcades.

#47. Bangkok, Thailand

I have absolutely no desire to go to Thailand.

#46. Miami, Florida

I don't think I've been here, and its not really on my list of must see destinations.

#45. Nice, France

I haven't been to Nice, and while I wouldn't mind visiting (it is after all France) it isn't on my list of must see destinations.

#44. Cancun, Mexico

I have no desire to go to Mexico.

#43. Franz Josef & Fox Glacier, New Zealand

#42. Auckland, New Zealand

Or New Zealand.

#41. Reykjavik, Iceland

However, I do want to go to Iceland. Not as much as some other places, but it IS the closest European country to the United States...

#40. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Oh, the Middle East. I have a (not so) secret obsession for you. If offered, I would travel to Dubai, but I don't know if it is really on my must see list.

#39. Brisbane, Australia

Again, no real desire to go to Australia.

#38. Costa del Sol, Spain

Now, I would like to visit Spain, but I don't know if I'm interested in the Costa del Sol area.

#37. Montreal, Canada

I have been to Montreal. And I have no desire to return. I honestly did not like it very much. To me, it felt like New York with a bunch of French tourists.

#36. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

No desire to go here.

#35. Perth, Australia

Or here.

#34. Christchurch, New Zealand

Or here.

#33. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg isn't really on my list of places I really want to see, but I wouldn't turn it down.

#32. Ayers Rock, Australia

Again, just not interested in Australia.

#31.Cairo, Egypt

Oh the Middle East. Again. And its Egypt. Which I would love to visit. I harbor a particular adoration for Egypt. I actually do not want to see the pyramids, but I would love to visit Luxor.

#30. Oahu, Hawaii

No desire to visit Hawaii.

#29. Naples, Italy

Hmmm, I do want to go to Italy, but Naples isn't a must see for me.

#28. Vancouver, Canada

I'd like to visit some other areas of Canada, but I don't know if I'm interested in Vancouver.

#27. Hong Kong

No desire to go to Hong Kong

#26. Edinburgh, Scotland

I would love to visit Edinburgh.

#25. Dublin, Ireland

And Dublin.

Anywhere in Scotland and Ireland actually.

#24. Singapore

Not interested.

#23. Washington DC, USA

I've been to DC more than once and would love to return.

#22. Zurich, Switzerland

Not really on my list, but its Europe so I wouldn't turn it down.

#21. Cairns, Australia

Not interested.

#20. Vienna, Austria

Now I do kind of want to visit Vienna...

#19. Orlando, Florida

I've been to Orlando, and would like to go again.

#18. Athens, Greece

I really want to go to Greece. Athens, the islands, maybe even Sparta.

#17. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I visited Amsterdam when I was a teenager. I didn't really enjoy it then, but I feel like I'd enjoy it better as an adult. But it is not on my must see list.

#16. Los Angeles, California

I have little desire to visit anywhere in California, and less to visit LA

#15. Milan, Italy

Milan falls into the same category as Naples - I want to go to Italy but not necessarily here.

#14. Madrid, Spain

Again, I want to visit Spain but not Madrid.

#13. Barcelona, Spain

Or Barcelona.

#12. Munich, Germany

I've been to Munich, to Octoberfest and to Neuschwanstein. I would love to return to the area, and visit Neuschwanstein again as well as see Ludwig's other castles.

#11. Venice, Italy

Now we're talking! I do really really want to go to Venice. Definitely a must see destination.

#10. Melbourne, Australia

Not interested.

San Francisco, California

If I ever HAD to go to California, I would want to visit San Fran.

#8. Sydney, Australia

Not interested.

#7. Tokyo, Japan

Not interested.

#6. Florence, Italy

While I'm not as eager to visit Florence as Venice, I would like to go there.

#5. London, England

I've been to London (twice) but would love to return. There are plenty of sites that I haven't seen and I really want to ride the London Eye.

#4. New York City, New York

Been there, but would like to go back. Like London, there are a lot of sites I didn't get to see the first time around.

#3. Rome, Italy

I would like to visit Rome, but not with as much fervor as I have for the idea of visiting Venice.

#2. Las Vegas, Nevada

I do want to go to Las Vegas

#1. Paris, France

As you know, I've been to Paris three times. But I love it so much that I really really want to go back.