Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Travel Plans

I have a bunch of plans over the next three weeks:

Tomorrow, at noon, I leave for Pittsburgh to see the All American Rejects in concert. I'll be back in Columbus Thursday afternoon.

Friday, after work, I drive to Cincinnati for the Steampunk Empire Symposium (check out the sewing preparations over on my sewing blog - steamysewing.blogspot.com). I'll be there until Sunday evening, then it's back to Columbus again.

Next Thursday, May 3, my mother and I fly to Florida for a visit. My grandmother, uncle and aunt moved down there in January, and my great uncle and his wife and daughter already live there, so I'll get to see a bunch of family. Also, the All American Rejects are playing Sunfest, about 20 minutes from my grandmother's house. Yes, I will be going.

And the weekend after that, on May 11, I drive to Cincinnati again after work Friday to meet up with my best friend Regie, who's coming from Chicago. We're going to see the All American Rejects in Louisville on Saturday and in Cincinnati on Sunday. Then it's back to Columbus Monday morning.

Hopefully, I'll have some travel pictures to share after this adventure!